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Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens

April 18 2017, 17:09pm

Posted by Kevin Bowlby

Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens

Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing

Release date: February 14, 2011

Pages: 243

Summary: Ashlyn was kidnapped by one of her nannies when she was a little girl. Since then, her overprotective parents have made sure that she always has a bodyguard by her side. When Stuart, the most recent in a line of bodyguards, does something to get fired, Ashlyn’s parents must find a new protector. They decide on Colin, Ashlyn’s childhood enemy. But soon Ashlyn finds herself falling for Colin…

My thoughts: I’d heard such good things about Jennifer Laurens’ books, but I’d never had the chance to read them. When I got the chance to read Overprotected, I was very excited! Overprotected didn’t disappoint—it was engaging and really enjoyable. I wouldn’t say it’s the deepest or most enlightening of books, but it’s certainly worth reading for fun.

Initially, I had a bit of trouble getting into Overprotected. The whole situation just seemed too ridiculous, and Ashlyn’s submissiveness was kind of grating (“Daddy” this; “Daddy” that). Eventually, though, I began to really get into the story, and I was really glad I stuck with it!

The thing that kept me from putting Overprotected down when I was supposed to be sleeping was Ashlyn’s parents. I wanted to smack them! The way they treat their daughter is borderline abusive. Ashlyn isn’t allowed to go anywhere without a bodyguard, and her friends have to be pre-approved before she can interact with them. How awful! The way Jennifer Laurens built up Ashlyn’s frustration was perfect—she started out with just a twinge of annoyance but soon became a ticking time bomb.

Another thing that I really liked about Overprotected was the romance. Jennifer Laurens really knows how to work sexual tension. Phew! There was steam rising up off the pages! Ashlyn’s desire was really honest—it wasn’t cheesy at all. The one thing that confused me was Ashlyn’s quick dismissal of her bad past with Colin. I guess she was blinded by his hotness? It just seemed a bit inconsistent. Still, the chemistry between Colin and Ashlyn was perfect, and I ate up every bit of their relationship.

Overprotected is a highly enjoyable read that I’d recommend to fans of YA (particularly females—they’ll love the romance. I know I did!). Ashlyn is easy to sympathize with, and the actions of her parents will have anyone shouting obscenities.


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